2018 - 2019


Bilkent Üniversitesi, Ankara  

Trans-disciplinary Senior Project on Development: Critical Perspectives, New Directions [GE 446]: Cross-listed in Political Science, International Relations and Economics departments, senior students developed projects on contemporary issues and presented research papers in front of an external jury.

Politics of the Environment [POLS 222]: Provided an overview of human-environment relations in our current moment; how contested ideas of nature, history and human agency inform understandings of “environmental crises”; and why struggles for environmental justice cannot be separated from questions of inequality and power.

Introduction to Sociology [SOC 101]: Introductory course for all undergraduates in social sciences outlining foundational social theories and topics of interdisciplinary interest (gender, media and inequality)

2015 - 2016

Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Fellow

City College, CUNY

Assigned to the English and Rhetoric program in City College, CUNY, I worked with Prof. Melissa Watson on her Academic Writing and Argument [ENG 210] course. We collaborated over a mixed methods study of undergraduates' everyday literacy practices to identify how English language teaching can be improved in linguistically diverse classrooms. Selected insights from this study has since been published in the 'Views' column of Inside Higher Ed. 

2011 - 2013

Graduate Teaching Fellow

Queens College, CUNY

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology [ANTH101]: A General Studies requirement at CUNY for all majors, ANTH101 is an opportunity to introduce students to the anthropological perspective, "to make the familiar unfamiliar and the unfamiliar familiar" by weaving popular cultural material with key disciplinary works.   

Essentials of Cultural Anthropology [ANTH201]: Primarily for anthropology majors, students in this seminar read five monographs set in different historical periods and regions, focusing particularly on the craft of ethnography and the ethical dilemmas of ethnographic representation.